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North Plains, OR Moving Boxes & Supplies

If you’re looking for all the moving boxes and packing supplies you need to get your move done, North Plains RV & Self Storage has exactly what you’re looking for. We’ve seen all kinds of packing jobs over the years and have a handle on what works and what might not hold up through your moving adventure. We can help you get moving boxes and supplies to suit everything on the list.

  • Small Box–1.5 CF
  • moving boxes North Plains, Or

  • Medium Box–3.0 CF
  • Medium-Large Box–4.5 CF
  • XL (Large) Box–6 CF
  • Wardrobe Box–20″ Wide w/ Bar
  • Small Mirror Box
  • Large Mirror Box
  • Dish Box–5 CF
  • Lamp Carton
  • EZ Pack For Dishes
  • EZ Pack For Glasses
  • File Box w/ Lid
  • Quick Pak—5 small boxes, 3 medium boxes, 2 large boxes, 1 roll of bubble wrap, 1 roll of tearable tape, and 1 external carton—BUNDLE TOGETHER AND SAVE!
  • Storage Pak—10 small boxes, 10 medium boxes, 3 large boxes, 2 rolls of tape w/ dispenser, and 1 external carton—BUNDLE TOGETHER AND SAVE!


Bubble Wrap & Packing Supplies

Things can get pretty rough in the back of a moving truck but that doesn’t mean your belongings have to take all the abuse. With the right moving and packing supplies you can protect your items from getting damaged in transit and arrive at their destination in one piece.

  • 12″ x 15′ Bubble Wrap
  • 1 Cubic Foot Foam Peanuts
  • Glass Cell Kit
  • Dish Cell Kit
  • Dish Pack Cell Kit
  • Wrapping Paper 10 lb. box


Furniture and Mattress Covers

Would you sleep on the floor of a moving truck? Probably not, which is why it’s a great idea to get some high quality plastic covers to keep your mattress and sofa clean and protected from the elements while moving and storing.

  • King Mattress Bag
  • Mattress covers and packing supplies

  • Queen Mattress Bag
  • Full Mattress Bag
  • Twin Mattress Bags (2 Pack)
  • Chair Cover (2 Pack)
  • Sofa Cover
  • Dust Cover (10′ x 20′)
  • Clear Flat Shrink Wrap (5″ x 1000′)


Packing Tape and More!

Get a few rolls of our quality movers grade packing tape to seal everything up tight and prevent boxes from spilling their contents on the go. We also have a variety of other essentials you may find yourself in need of to finish the job and call it a day.

  • 2 Roll Tape Gun
  • Cylinder Lock (Packaged)
  • Premium Clear Packing Tape 2″ x 55yd
  • White Nylon Rope
  • Standard Tape 2″ x 55yd Clear
  • Tearable Tape 2″ x 55yd Clear
  • Sure Grip Gloves


RV Supplies

When you need some supplies on the go we carry some essential RV items in our office both for on the road and while in storage for your convenience.

  • Wash
  • Spring Fresh
  • RV supplies North Plains RV and Self Storage

  • Windshield Cleaner
  • Antifreeze
  • Bathroom Tissue 4 Pack
  • DampRid
  • DampRid Replacement Packs
  • Wheel Chocks—One Size Fits All


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