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Helpful RV Storage Tips

If you’re getting ready to put your RV in storage for a while it’s a good idea to prepare it ahead of time. Some preparation can prevent damage and keep your RV in great shape for when you’re ready to hit the open road once more.

  • Give your RV a good thorough wash. If there is any mildew present before you put it into storage it can cause problems if you plan on storing it through the winter months. Wash tires, wheel wells and awnings. Check all the seals on doors, windows and anywhere else there may be seals that prevent water from getting in.
  • Block tires to prevent flat spots from forming or if possible consider jacking the weight off of them. If storing outside good quality tire covers will help keep your tires in good shape and help them keep their color.
  • If you are using outdoor storage space and prefer to use a tarp or cover be sure it is “breathable” as not to allow moisture to condense on the underside. Moisture can corrode RV parts and create mold growth.
  • Use a container or two of Damp Rid within the interior of your RV to absorb any excess moisture if it will be sitting for an extended period if time. Check it periodically and replace the refillable product when necessary. North Plains RV and Self Storage stocks this product for purchase for your convenience.
  • Check for holes, cracks or openings along the outside of your RV to keep insects and/or rodents from getting inside.
  • If storing your RV in an enclosed unit you should always remove any propane tanks for safety. Your local hardware store should carry caps for propane lines.
  • Remove all food sealed or otherwise from cupboards and the refrigerator to discourage pests from trying to get into your RV
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    29785 NW West Union Rd

    North Plains, OR 97133

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    Mon-Sat 9:30 am to 6:00 pm

    Sun 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

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